Spring is Almost Here!

Thinking about a walking school bus?

It's a ton of fun, easy to do and helps us all get to school!

What is a Walking School Bus? It’s a bus without the bus! A Walking School Bus is a group of families that walk along an established route together, collecting more families as they go. Walking School Buses can operate daily, once a week or month or just on certain days. Choose the model that’s right for your community.

Here are the steps needed to get a Walking School Bus going:

  1. Determine interest: Start with parents.
  2. Plan the route(s): Work with the principal, parents and students to identify routes.
  3. Map each route, designating the location and times for pick-up and drop-off sites.
    • See "Mapping" for ideas. Look for streets with:
      • Room to safely walk
      • Safe crossings
      • Low volume and slow traffic
  4. Decide on and announce day of first walk, post map of routes.
  5. Host school assembly/newsletter article reminding all of Walking School Bus Rules and routes, times, etc.
  6. Walk! Have fun, and plan your next one!                                 


                                                                 Super Successul Walking + Biking School Bus in Bend                                                                               

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