Walk and Bike, It's Good for Your Heart!

We love walking and biking to school!

It’s good for your heart, your whole body and it’s fun!! Walk and Bike with friends and family: choose roads with low traffic, dress to see and be seen, cross at intersections/ corners.

  1. Stop at the curb or edge of the street. 
  2. Look for traffic to the left, right, behind and in front before starting to cross.
  3. Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing. 
  4. Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.                                         

We also really like our crossing guards. Our crossing guards work hard every day to help our children and students get to school safely. Whether on the school property or out in the community, if you see a crossing guard, please do what they are asking you to do. And slow down! Be sure to thank them for helping us get to school safely.



                                    Crossing Guards help us all get to school safely- thank you!                                    

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