2017- Happy New Year- 2017

January is a perfect time to try walking school….it’s good for both personal and community health and safety.

Find your best route, invite a friend and pick a day. It’s that easy!!

Walking and biking is a fantastic way to get to school and get around town. With so many different kinds of road users sharing the roads, we need to have a few rules to keep us all safe and happy when we use the streets and sidewalks. Discussing these rules with your may help keep your family members safe!

  1. Keep your EYES and EARS OPEN, know what’s going on around you.
  2. Cross the street at the corner, or at a crosswalk if there is one, and obey all traffic signals.
  3. Look left, right, left again, AND behind before crossing. Continue looking all ways until you reach the other side.
  4. If there is traffic, before starting to cross, make eye contact with the driver/s so they see you and under­stand your intention. 5. Walk on a sidewalk. If there is no side­walk, walk on the left side of the street, facing oncoming traffic. 


                                      A Walking School Bus makes the trip fun, safe and delivers students on time!                                       

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