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Oregon Safe Routes to School Community

Start Thinking Back to School!


It’s back to school time and that means many more people out and about, traveling to and from schools. It’s exciting and fun, but there’s one thing that all families should add to their lists as they prepare for back to school – safety.

Now is the perfect time to plan for getting to and from school safely. Whether your children walk, bike, ride the bus, or ride in a car, a little planning and preparation can go a long way towards keeping children safe. Please practice and discuss these safety tips as a family and be a great example by always practicing how to travel safely with your child.

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Check your route before school starts. When possible, choose streets with low traffic volumes, slow speeds, few intersections, bicycle lanes and sidewalks with no roadway construction.

  • Before crossing any street at a corner, look “left-right-left” for traffic in all directions. Keep looking for cars as you cross the street. Remember, you can’t hear some cars, so keep looking!
  • Before starting to cross make sure drivers see you and have stopped before starting to cross, it’s best to make eye contact with the driver, so you know they see you.
  • Walking with friends provides safety in numbers. Ask if there is a Walking School Bus you can join on your route to school, or start one yourself.
  • Stay alert, keep your eyes and ears open! Walk and ride predictably in a visible and straight line. 
  • If you ride a bike, always wear a helmet that is properly fitted and fastened! And if bike riding, review this booklet before heading out!

See Back to School section in Resources for other ideas and resources to use for back to school newletters, blogs or other outreach.

Also be sure to mark your calendar for Wednesday October 8. It’s International Walk+Bike to School Day! Let’s see how many people we can get walking and biking. See our Walk+ Bike to School section for registration and planning information.

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Planning the school year? Check out Monthly Walk+Bike Ideas in First Steps and the SRTS Year Planner.


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