Engineering improvements are those that change the physical infrastructure of an area, or the design, operation and maintenance of traffic control devices. The physical environment often determines whether children walk or bike to school. Well designed, maintained and accessible routes to and from school and on the school grounds to the entrance of the school are necessary to increase students walking and biking to school. 

ODOT just published the Guide to School Area Safety, which gives guidence on school zone safety recognizing Oregon’s unique set of laws, common practices, and the resources that are available to improve safety in our school zones. 

For ideas and information about how to design roads to accommodate all travel modes, this graph by the City of Portland shows which Engineering Treaments are best for specific community goals. It includes pictures, sample costs, effectiveness, examples and handy notes to consider.

In a SRTS program, engineering improvements should be used in conjunction with education, encouragement and enforcement activities to ensure consistent and safe use of engineering treatments.  

The SRTS team should rely upon the recommendations of local experts to determine what information may be needed and helpful.



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