Start easy with this First-Timer Primer.  

  1. Get principal’s endorsement.  
  2. Register your school @ coming soon
  3. Recruit volunteers (PTA, Student Leadership groups, student government, safety patrol etc). 
    • Determine tracking method(s).  Practice. 
    • Decide on special event days (Bike to School Day, weekly celebration, final tally).  
  4. 2-weeks in advance – start promoting the month.  
    • Write article for School newsletter.
    • Display posters. 
    • Ensure tracking method procedure and materials are prepared.  
  5. Start  
  6. Special Days?
    • Set up table, set out incentives, have check in sheets + pencils.  
    • Greet students and parents at school.
    • Take pictures.  
  7. Thank everyone!
    • Write article for school newsletter.
    • Send final numbers to registration.


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