April Celebrates Earth Day!

Join people around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and biking.

Pledge to walk or bike to school on Earth Day and join thousands of students throughout Oregon and millions of people around the world to make the air around schools cleaner, increase traffic safety and support community wide heath and sustainability. 


April is a great time to celebrate one of the many reasons we walk, bike, scoot, skate, take the bus and carpool to school. Try, start and continue to use active transportation in preparation for Walk+Bike Challenge Month and Fire Up Your Feet in May.

Celebrating Earth Day by choosing active transportation modes is good for several reasons:

  • Reduces traffic congestion and pollution near schools
  • Increases community traffic safety
  • Increases options for physical activity
  • Increases awareness of how walkable and bikeable a community is and where improvements need to be made             

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