SRTS non-infrastructure programs help fund activities that encourage kids and their families to use walking, biking, rolling, and school bus ridership as ways to make the journey to school. By reducing reliance on the family automobile, these programs can decrease traffic congestion on routes to schools and improve student safety. The programmatic side of SRTS is often managed by local SRTS coordinators and other transportation programs with whom they work, including school boards, municipal governments, non-profits, and regional transportation options.

Oregon Department of Transprtation continues to support SRTS programs in Oregon even though dedicated federal funding has ended. With approval and direction from the Oregon Transportation Commission, ODOT's Transportation Safety Division has maintained its SRTS program manager, and has dedicated $500,000 annually to support SRTS non-infrastructure (programmatic) programs around the state.

SRTS Programmatic initiatives include:

  • Encouragement: outreach and incentive programs meant to foster students’ desire and enthusiasm for walking, biking, and rolling to school.
  • Education: classes and materials for teaching walking, biking and traffic safety; and creating the awareness of the benefits and goals of Safe Routes to School.
  • Enforcement: engaging law enforcement agencies to ensure safety regulations have an actual effect on peoples’ travel behaviors, particularly around school areas.


Following are SRTS Programmatic Projects funded through 2016:

Region 1   Region 2   Region 3   Region 4   Region 5
Portland SRTS Program   Greater Albany SD SRTS Program   Rogue Valley Transit District SRTS Program   Bend: Communte Options SRTS Program   Humbolt Elementary School
Multnomah County SRTS Program   Oregon Cascades West COG SRTS Program   Oakland SD SRTS Program   Klamath County and City SRTS Program   Central Elementary School
Hood River Co SD- Odell SRTS Program   Corvallis SD SRTS Program       Jefferson County SD- Madras SRTS Program    
Washington County SRTS Program   Eugene- Springfield SRTS Program       Sisters SD SRTS Program    
Gresham SRTS Program   Independence SRTS Program            
Beaverton SD SRTS Program   Lebanon SD SRTS Program            
    Philomath SD SRTS Program            
    Salem-Keizer SD SRTS Program            



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