Oregon Safe Routes to School Newsletter- April 2017

In this issue: April Celebrates Earth Day, Loads of Activity Options for May, Sexton Mountain Elementary wins Health Award, TGM Grants.
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                                                                                                                    April 2017 

Spring is here: time to get moving!

Why? Because students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, and classroom behaviors. Kids who get regular activity are also on their way to building a lifetime of healthy habits.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 60 minutes or more of activity per day. Adding walking or rolling to school into the routine helps to meet or surpass that recommendation. Walking to the bus stop or parking a few blocks from school and walking the rest of the way adds steps to your child’s day, while also helping them show up ready to learn. As your student gets their brain ready for testing season, don’t forget to add in extra playtime and family activity.

Start with once or twice a week, invite some friends and go from there! Your child’s grades will thank you!

April Celebrates Earth Day!

Pledge to walk or roll to school on Earth Day and join thousands of students throughout Oregon and millions of people around the world to make the air around schools cleaner, increase traffic safety and support community wide health and sustainability.
April is a great time to celebrate one of the many reasons we walk, bike, scoot, skate, take the bus and carpool to school. It’s a great way to try, start and continue to use active transportation in preparation for Walk+Bike Challenge Month and Fire Up Your Feet.

Celebrating Earth Day by choosing active transportation is good for several reasons. It:
  • Reduces traffic congestion and pollution near schools
  • Increases community traffic safety
  • Increases physical activity
  • Increases the awareness of how walkable and bikeable a community is and where improvements need to be made

Congratulations to Sexton Mountain’s Walking School Bus 

Washington County Department of Health and Human Services is honoring Sexton Mountain Elementary’s Walking School Bus at their 15th Annual Public Health Awards.

They won the Public Health Ambassador Award for their Walking School Bus program that has been running every Thursday for the past 7 years.

Every Thursday each participating student (sometimes over 350) walk an extra mile where they practice safe pedestrian skills, gain confidence and arrive to school on time and ready to learn. Beaverton School District produced this how-to flyer for other schools to use to create their own Walking School Bus or Park and Stride program.

Options for Activity in May are Many.... Read On!!

The Challenge Is On!

How many friends can you get to join you in walking, biking and rolling to school?

It’s a month away and time to start preparing for May’s Walk + Roll to School Challenge Month. The Walk+Roll Challenge is a friendly, month-long competition—held annually in May—aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk, bike and roll to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods.

Register NOW! 

Schools can track on a weekly or monthly basis; or log just one day. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Challenge for the schools who log the most biking trips, most walking trips, and most rolling trips; largest total number of students walking, biking and rolling; and highest percentage of students (out of the total school population) walking, biking and rolling.

Be sure to also order for your custom package of incentives before May 26. You can choose between stickers, tattoos, pencils, ribbons and bandanas.

Fire Up Your Feet in May!

Track Bike to School Day Activity to Win Cash for Your School!

Will you or a school you work with be participating in Bike to School Day this May? Use the activity you track from Bike to School Day for the Fire Up Your Feet Challenge and possibly win $500 or more for your school. For support registering or using our online tracker contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All activity counts, all month long!
Register and track activity May 1- 31 for a chance to win cash awards for your school!  Anyone can register (parents, teachers, community members) and track physical activity for any K-8 school in Oregon. Schools can earn cash awards for tracking any and all types of physical activity, any time of day, and participation is FREE. There is $10,000 available in cash awards for K-8 schools.
  1. Register or Log in (Click on the yellow “register” or “Log in” button on the upper right hand corner)
  2. Create a group and enter the total number of participants in your group.
  3. Track activity by selecting the date, type of activity, minutes of activity, group that performed the activity, and the school tracking.
If you have registered for a challenge in the past you do not need to re-register. You are ready to log in with your username and password.

Bike to School Day- May 10!

Thousands of students, families, community partners, and elected officials around the country will celebrate the benefits of biking and walking to school during National Bike to School Day.

Registering your school with the Challenge Month or Fire Up Your Feet, your school will be registered to be counted among the thousands of schools who participate each year and be entered into drawings for bikes and helmets! 

Win Bikes and Helmets for Your School!

The National Center for Safe Routes to School and Schwinn are teaming up for the fourth year in a row to celebrate Bike to School Day. The two organizations will host the Schwinn Bike Share Giveaway, awarding 10 SmartStart Schwinn bikes and 20 Schwinn helmets to 10 schools across the US.
Registration for Challenge Month or Fire Up Your Feet will enter your school for the weekly drawings. Drawings begin on April 19 and run through the end of May, Bike Month.
Read More >
There are lots of opportunities to have fun this month, celebrating being active. Do one, do them all!

The Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) Program 

"......helps you identify your options to improve your community's system"

TGM Grants help local communities plan for streets and land use in a way that leads to more livable, economically vital, and sustainable communities that increases opportunities for transit, walking and bicycling.
The Quick Response program has added school access and circulation safety to its program. School districts, or school districts and local jurisdictions should apply together, which would be preferred if there is the potential for effects on local streets. See their website and application for more details. “School siting is another issue that can be addressed through Quick Response, especially when a school district is evaluating the relative merits of renovating an existing centrally located school versus constructing a new facility on a more distant site.”

Oregon Safe Routes to School Program: We're Here to Help!

A successful Safe Routes to School Program is a partnership between city and county agencies, schools, community organizations, neighborhoods and schools that work together to create opportunities to make walking and biking to school and throughout the community fun, easy, safe and healthy for all students and their families.
Schools and communities have the best chance of success when they combine expertise, resources and program elements that consider the "5 E's of Safe Routes to School":  EncouragementEducationEnforcementEngineering and Evaluation.
Oregon’s SRTS newsletter tells stories to connect people, schools, communities and resources. Please also check out our website: www.oregonsaferoutes.org

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