Congress created the federal Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program in 2005.  And in 2012, Congress folded the Safe Routes to School program into the new Transportation Alternatives Program.

With the new Transportation Alternatives structure, it is even more important to engage policymakers at all levels in understanding why Safe Routes to School is important. 

  • Members of Congress will revisit the transportation law again in 2014 when the current law, MAP-21, expires.  This provides an opportunity to sustain and even strengthen Safe Routes to School.
  • For 2015- 2018 grant cycle, infrastructure projects have been chosen. Be sure to attend your local government, MPO and/or ACTs meeting to learn about their process, keep up to date with due date for applications and let them know the value of Safe Routes to Schools for all citizens.
  • For 2015- 2018 grant cycle, non-infrastructure grants are through Oregon’s SRTS program in its Traffic Safety Division. Available funding for the entire non-infrastructure program is $500,000/year. Stay in touch with this website for grant announcements.
  • Large metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) will have their own Transportation Alternatives funding to support projects, including Safe Routes to School, click here to see if your community is within an MPO.
  • Local elected officials like mayors, county executives and city councilors can help support your applications for funding and increase the odds that your Safe Routes to School projects get funded.

Please keep in mind if you chose to directly lobby a law maker, these activities cannot be supported by federal funds. You can do it, thank you; we fully appreciate your commitment to furthering all of our work, but do not bill the activities for federal fund reimbursement.

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